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Talensi Area Women's Development Project

Improving lives and strengthening families by empowering women  

For members who are no longer able to work due to age or disability we administer a goat exchange project, this project is ideal as goats do not need much looking after as they happily fend for themselves and eat the leaves and vegetables not consumed by the family, they are therefore ideal in providing an income stream that would otherwise not be possible. 

The project is run as follows - a female goat is given to one of our members (a goat costs cGHc30 / £15 / US$20 depending on the season), once the goat has a female kid and it is weaned it is returned to us, we in turn hand the kid to another woman, and so on.  If the kid is male it is sold so that the nanny can conceive again quickly. We have now given more than 100 goats to women from all 14 villages.   

We recently obtained funding to purchase 4 goats to give to women from Mampeligu Village   

One of the women was so happy she danced and sang, which she said she hasn't done for more than 10 years, to thank God and those who had donated the funding.