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Talensi Area Women's Development Project

Improving lives and strengthening families by empowering women  

We are always looking for additional ways for our members to generate a year-round steady income; most recently we've been working with our members to make jewellery from recycling locally available materials, such as newspapers, magazines and ice cream wrappers. 

Making the beads is particularly challenging as our members have never attended school and therefore aren't familiar with using pens, pencils, rulers or scissors.  Initially members are uncertain and do not believe that they have the ability needed to make the jewellery, however before long they are perfect and beam with delight at their creations.  The sale of jewellery doesn't just help financially but also as we teach them new skills it helps boost their confidence.

If you look closely at the tapered beads on the jewellery sets or Christmas tree stars you can see the newspaper print.

In addition to the tapered beads we are also making jewellery from papier mache.

We are selling jewellery sets and christmas decorations both nationally and internationally.  All sets are handmade and are therefore able to fulfill individual orders, for example specific colours of beads or clasps etc.  If you're interested in purchasing some sets or decorative stars please do not hesitate to get in touch, we'll be happy to provide you with our current price list and answer any other questions that you might have.