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Talensi Area Women's Development Project

Improving lives and strengthening families by empowering women  

You can donate via cheque (please make it payable to TAWODEP, our postal address can be found below) or by transferring money directly into TAWODEPs bank account, the details of which are:-


Account Name: TAWODEP

Sort Code: tbc

Account Number: tbc 


Your money is desparately helped to help those less fortunate, we have given indications of what your money can buy on each page, however a brief summary of this is as follows:-

  • £1.00 / US$1.50       - one eye test 
  • £5.00 / US$8.00       - one two-day training course
  • £10.00 / US$15.00   - one jewellery set (includes necklace, bracelet and earrings)
  • £15.00 / US$22.00   - one goat
  • £17.50 / US$25.00   - half the cost of a bicycle, with members contributing the remaining half
  • £15-25 / US$20-35   - one large bag of seeds or sheanuts GHc30-50  
  • £30.00 / US$45.00   - one pair of glasses
  • £35.00 / US$50.00   - one bicycle, with members not contributing at all 

TAWODEPs address for sending your cheques to:



PO Box 342


Upper East Region



If you would like any further details about TAWODEP, then please feel free to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.  Our email address is tawodep@yahoo.com